Las Vegas Courtroom Shocked as Individual Leaps Over Bench to Attack Judge

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Judge Mary Kay Holthus Denies Probation Following Incident, Citing Defendant’s Criminal History in Clark District Court

Sensational moment captured on camera

In a sensational moment captured on camera, a man, denied bail, assaulted a judge during his sentencing in a Las Vegas courtroom on Wednesday. As reported by the New York Post, Deobra Redden, aged 30, appeared in court in Las Vegas for a sentencing hearing after admitting guilt to attempted battery causing substantial bodily harm.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus

Nevertheless, Clark District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus rejected probation in his case, pointing to his criminal history. She remarked, “I believe it’s time for him to experience something different because I just can’t overlook that history.”

Within moments, pandemonium ensued as the man vaulted over the judge’s bench, landing on top of her. The judge could be heard calling for assistance as he repeatedly struck her while uttering profanities. The man was also overheard shouting, ‘no way, forget that individual,’ shortly before the outbreak of violence.

Simultaneously, numerous court and jail officers, along with security guards, attempted to control Mr. Redden while engaging in physical confrontation, eventually managing to subdue him. Subsequently, he was apprehended and faced multiple new felony charges, including assault on a protected person, referring to the judge and court officers.


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Las Vegas District Court’s report

As per the Las Vegas District Court’s report, Judge Holthus encountered certain injuries but did not require hospitalization. Nevertheless, her status is under observation. Additionally, a court marshal sustained injuries and was transported to a medical facility, where it was reported that he was in a stable condition.

I am confident that there will be repercussions

“Grateful that the judge is unharmed. Expressing gratitude for the courageous endeavors of those who rushed to assist her, particularly the marshal and her law clerk. Without their intervention, the situation could have escalated further, given the defendant’s highly aggressive behavior. I am confident that there will be repercussions,” remarked Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson in an official statement.

We applaud the valiant actions of her team

“We applaud the valiant actions of her team, law enforcement, and all others involved in restraining the defendant. The court maintains its dedication to a courthouse and courtrooms that are safe and secure. We are evaluating all our protocols and will take any necessary measures to safeguard the judiciary, the public, and our staff,” stated the District Court. ”

As per legal records, Redden has a history of incarceration, having been sentenced in 2015 to a minimum of 19 months for attempting theft. Additionally, in 2021, he was confined for domestic battery, as indicated by the records of the Nevada Department of Corrections.


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