Katt Williams Accuses Cedric the Entertainer of Plagiarism, Alleges Theft of His Joke

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Williams Alleges Dismissive Attitude:

He thought that I was just a no-name comedian and that he could take this joke and nobody would know,’ on a Recent Podcast Appearance.


Katt Williams has accused Cedric the Entertainer of appropriating one of his jokes. During an episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast, Williams appeared to counter Cedric’s denial of joke theft on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast in 2022.


According to Williams

Cedric perceived him as an unknown comedian, assuming he could borrow the joke without anyone noticing. However, Williams clarified that he had previously performed the same joke on BET’s ComicView twice, gaining significant popularity. The joke had resonated so well on BET’s ComicView that it became part of the commercial, complicating Cedric’s alleged act of appropriation.


The comedian persisted

The comedian persisted, stating, This isn’t merely a spontaneous quip; it stands as my finest comedic moment, serving as both my ultimate and concluding jest. Back in 1998, I first delivered this joke at The Comedy Store.

Cedric witnessed my performance from the audience, approached me backstage, and praised my work, expressing his admiration for the joke.


Word to Word Comedy Delivering

Fast forward two years, and he incorporates it as his concluding joke in The [Original] Kings of Comedy, delivering it word-for-word, with the only alteration being the transformation of my car into a spaceship.


In November 2022

Cedric expressed his disbelief on the Club Shay Shay podcast regarding Williams’ claim that he had stolen one of the comedian’s jokes. He found it “ridiculous” and couldn’t comprehend why Williams was upset.

Cedric pointed out that he had witnessed Williams perform 30 times and questioned why Williams hadn’t addressed the issue earlier if he was genuinely bothered. Cedric attributed the situation to online matters, stating, “This is some internet stuff.”

When he responded to Williams, there was no subsequent reply from him, and Cedric chose to leave it at that.


Williams asserted that both Cedric and Steve Harvey

Williams asserted that both Cedric and Steve Harvey had previously apologized to him. This was the reason he never addressed the issue during their interactions, choosing to give them a “pass for a decade.” However, the comedian grew frustrated when Cedric publicly refuted the accusations of joke theft on a podcast.


Williams questioned Cedric’s actions

Williams questioned Cedric’s actions, saying, “Why would you diminish my credibility like that? Why would I excuse your behavior if you were just going to lie?” He also criticized Cedric’s comedy specials, claiming they were “so poor that they’re not even on Netflix,” although Cedric’s “Live From the Ville” special is currently available on the streaming platform.


After the podcast clips circulated on social media

After the podcast clips circulated on social media, Cedric responded to Williams’ allegations in the comment section of Club Shay Shay’s Instagram.


Regardless of Katt’s opinion

He wrote, “Regardless of Katt’s opinion, my career cannot be reduced to one joke he claims as his own. I’ve been in over 40 movies, and my specials and brand speak volumes about who I am. The people I’ve supported, including ‘Katt in the Hat,’ attest to that at the Gibson Amphitheater.”


Cedric continued, “And all that tough talk! It’s unimpressive; I’m a grown man. None of that is going to unfold as you expect. You do your thing, and I’ll handle my business over here.”


In another part of the podcast episode

In another part of the podcast episode, Williams alleged that Cedric, Harvey, and Rickey Smiley collaborate to exclude him and others from the industry. According to Williams, they are not just “three random guys”; they are interconnected and share industry secrets.

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